11 Misconceptions and Myths about Mountain Biking

Mountain bikers don’t get maximum exposure like people in other sports do; hence most people have misguided information about who they are and what mountain biking entails. Below are some of the misconceptions people have about mountain biking and the actual truth behind every perspective to help clear your doubts.

• Mountain biking is dangerous –accidents happen in every field during most sports and mountain biking is not an exception. You might have had stories from a few mountain bikers about deadly accidents that almost ended their lives or seen their scars, but that should not scare you if you want to try it out. The trick is to be cautious when you are cycling and learn how to ride safely to minimize the chances of getting hurt. Being familiar with the trail also comes in handy because you are aware of the turns and the obstacles; hence you can avoid them.

• Women don’t ride – people should erase the phrase; some sports are “unladylike” because it can mislead young girls who are passionate about certain sports but think they are specifically for boys. Many women nowadays have broken the norm and area indulged in sports that society thinks are meant for men like mountain biking. Many famous women compete in mountain biking activities and have pursued it as a career so don’t let other people’s misconception stop you. Nothing should stop you from doing what you want, especially influence from people who don’t understand equality and freedom to do anything no matter your gender.

• You are always covered in dirt – the fact that we experience four seasons should make you realize that this information is not true. However, you should expect to come back home covered in mad if you are cycling during the rainy season, but if you are passionate about biking, then this should not stop you. You should enjoy washing it off after a long ride because you should have fun during mountain biking. Apart from that, you get to experience the beautiful flowers if you are riding through the snow during spring.

• Mountain bikers are not friendly – I still don’t understand why people decide to judge bikers based on a bad experience they had with one person hence describe them as unfriendly. Other people assume that they are ever angry over nothing but the truth is that biking requires a lot of concentration and that’s why people mistake it for being too serious. However, you should know that people are different and they react differently towards a situation depending on their mood and how they are approached.

• They don’t abide by the traffic laws – most drivers have this bad attitude towards cyclists and even term it as “us against them,” but it’s high time the society rectifies their mindset because many people have lost their lives by being run over. Majority of the mountain bikes who value their safety always obey the rules and respect the people they are sharing the trail with so it is also kind for us to do the same.

• Mountain biking requires you to spend more – mountain bikes are quite expensive, but it’s due to their construction because they are required to withstand all the roughness. However, if you do your research on sites that deal with bikes, you will realize that many selling sites have them in affordable prices or way cheaper and even second-hand ones. On the other hand, you should also see it as an investment instead of having to upgrade later and deal with a lot of repairs in between.

• Truck wash and power washers are great for mountain bikes – some people think that truck washes remove the dirt off your bike easily, but they don’t realize that they can damage the brakes if they are directly sprayed on them. Damaged brakes can cause severe accidents that can end your life or leave you with vital injuries; hence you should be very careful when you are washing your bike to ensure that you leave the brakes intact. On the other hand, power washers are not recommended. The great pressure tends to force water past the bearing seals and other delicate parts; thus you end up destroying your bike in the long run.


• The same bike design fits everybody – mountain bikes come in different designs to accommodate different people due to the difference in body shapes and height. Your comfort when riding is determined by how perfectly the bike fits and that’s why it’s always advisable to invest in a mountain bike that fits you to avoid accidents. Accidents can be caused by either the weight of the bike being too much on you; hence you are unable to control it or breaking the bike due to exerting too much weight on the bike.

• Some discomforts are unavoidable – some riders experience pain and numbness after a ride, and they assume it’s normal and unavoidable. On the contrary, mountain biking should not result in any discomfort unless you are injured in the process. Therefore, you should consider getting your bike readjusted to fit you properly to avoid the discomforts. Mountain biking should be a fun experience, and you should enjoy every moment of it without having to push your body too hard or struggling to control the weight of the bike.

• It takes too long to master – Just like any other sport, mountain biking requires a lot of practice, passion, and confidence but it doesn’t too long to master. If you have any skills on how to ride a regular bike, then it is going to be even easier for you because it’s similar but on different terrain. If you are personate about biking you will try as many times as you can to improve your skills.

• There is nowhere to bike near you – most people assume that because they live in the city, there are no mountains to ride their bikes. The truth is that you haven’t searched enough for the trails. You might have to drive around in your car, but it’s worth it.