Bike Safety for 2019


   Being safe and keeping your mountain bike safe should be your top priority at all times. This article will entail tips on how protect yourself when cycling and the safety measures you should take to ensure that your mountain bike stays in good shape for a long period of time.

Mountain biking safety tips.

  Over time we have witnessed very many cases of accidents caused by careless biking and some of them have even taken away people’s lives. That’s why everyone needs to get informed about the safety rules that they should follow strictly to prevent such accidents from happening.

  • Always put on a helmet– Accidents do happen most of the times when cycling but whether you have a helmet or not determines how fatal the injuries will be. Every mountain bike ride should always have their helmets on no matter how short the distance you are covering is. Ensure that the helmet fits perfectly and that the straps are fastened to prevent it from falling off. Do your research and buy a helmet that has good reviews, Helmet Hunt will help with this
  • Remain focused and alert– Always avoid all forms of distractions when riding your bike to ensure that you are focused and your eyes remain on the trail all the time. Never head out for cycling with headsets on because you need to use your ears in case any driver behind you hoots for you to create away. Apart from that, always cycle towards the same direction as the traffic.
  • Cycle predictably– Remaining on the same lane is very important in order for other drivers to know your next move. You should also learn the basic road signals used in the streets for you to indicate your next move to avoid confusion. Lastly, observe the traffic lights and stop when you are required to stop.
  • Improve your riding skills– Acquiring pro riding skills goes along way to ensure that you are safe at all times. Learning how to communicate with other drivers and navigating through traffic boosts your confidence.Practice all the tricks in a safe environment and then when you are sure that you have fully mastered them you can now do them in the streets.
  • Pack your tool kit and first aid kit– If you are a serious mountain bike ride then you can agree with me that minor accidents happen most of the time when cycling. That’s why you are required to carry your kit around just in case you need to clean up cuts and scratches to prevent infections. To save on time, you need to always have your tool kit with you in order to repair any faulty parts and go on with your cycling.
  • Fix your bike light– You are required to fix your lights every time you head out because you can never be really sure about the time you will be cycling back home. A bike light enhances your vision and prevents you from tumbling over objects like rocks, tree branches, cracks and other things in the dark.

Mountain bike safety.

    Apart from ensuring that you are safe when cycling, you also need to keep your bike safe and in good condition because they some of them are quite expensive. Below are some ways in which the safety of your mountain bike can be guaranteed.

  • Buy a bike lock– Investing in a high quality lock saves you from frustration of someone messing with your bike and theft. The price of the lock clearly illustrates its quality. Therefore, save some cash and invest on a bike lock that will offer your bike maximum protection, Kryptonite produce some of the most secure locks.  Due to the increasing technology,there are smart locks available in the markets and GPS tracking system that comes in handy if your bike gets stolen or you forget where you packed it.
  • Theft-proof your components– The world we are living in is full of people with bad intentions and some of them are very smart at what they do.Even after locking your bike on a secure place some people go to an extent of unscrewing or breaking some parts to steal them separately. However, there are some ways in which you can secure your components like replacing the common bolts with security bolt system. They require a coded key to unlock if you want to loosen or tighten them hence a thief cannot easily access any part.
  • Learn how to lock your bike properly– Investing in the safest lock does not guarantee your bike’s safety if you don’t know how to use it. And always remember that it’s better to be sure than sorry so if you are not sure about how the lock works, you can consult the seller. You should also go through the manufacturer’s instructions for further clarification. Lastly,ensure that the location does not have loiterers and that you are able to kee pan eye on it all the time
  • Ensure that the lock is off the ground– If your lock is on the ground, it gives a thief a better chance of accessing it and breaking it using a hammer or a chisel. Therefore, always make sure that the bike lock is above the ground.
  • Keep a record of your bike’s frame number– In case your bikes goes missing and you decide to involve the police, you need to have evidence that the bike is yours and at least have pictures of the actual bike to make the work easier. The frame number is usually indicated on the frame near the back wheel or underneath the bike between the pedals.
  • Register your bike– Thieves know that it is impossible to find a buyer that will purchase a registered bike without solid evidence that they own the bike. When you register your bike it is usually marked very clearly thus it is a major turn off to thieves hence your bike stays safe at all times. It is a very fast procedure and it guarantees the safety of your bike because even tracing it after being stolen becomes much easier for you.