Mountain Biking Trails in America


America boasts of flawless mountain biking trails to offer riders an exciting adventure. All you need to do is decide what type of terrain, flow, and length you want and get going. You can opt for the Top of the World Trail in California for less pedaling and more fun or the Downieville Downhill Trail if you are into a few uphill pedaling.

Today we look at a few mountain biking trails in America that you will never go wrong with whether as a beginner, intermediate or advanced mountain biker.

Bangtail Divide Loop

Location: Bozeman, Montana
Distance: 31 miles
Trail: Single-track
Level: Intermediate

A recent track built in 2003 and well known because of its beautiful scenery as well as the single-track trails. The whole loop runs about 31 miles with big climbs at the start of the path. It features a 5 mile descend through a nice and smooth pine forest. An ascent with tricky switchbacks completes the trail at Brackett Creek. The beautiful mountain ranges and numerous wildflowers reward the rider’s effort on this out and backtrack. It makes a to-go to biking trail in Montana that takes 3-5 hours to complete one-way.

Mckenzie River Trail

Location: Blue River, Oregon
Distance: 26 miles
Trail: Single-track
Level: Intermediate

Mckenzie River Trail is one of the worlds famous biking trail built in 2008. It follows the Mckenzie River from Clear Lake, and the diverse topography makes a beautiful scenery for riders. The waterfalls, lava rock, old growth and the famous Blue Pool on the forest trail adds fun to the riding experience. It makes a great track because it is easy to get on and off. It is clear late in the fall but has snow on the upper reaches through late spring.

The trail cuts through enough side roads making it an accessible track. It starts at the top above Clear Lake to the terminal near Mckenzie Bridge. It takes about 4.5 hours for an experienced rider to complete the trail and 6-8 hours for average bikers. Mckenzie River Mountain Resort offers a public shuttle service due to the long distance.

Poison Spider Messa

Location: Moab
Distance: 12.8 miles
Trail: Moderate to extremely difficult
Level: Intermediate to advanced riders

You can choose to take the track as a loop or an out and back. It starts with a persistent climb, through sand and hard rocks then levels to tricky sandy curves to extremely steep slick rock meant for advanced riders. At this point, you can choose to either follow the trail markings or do it your way depending on your skills. The tough trek is true to its name and will give a hard time to cyclists irrespective of their experience. The trail allows anyone to turn around at any point and go back to where they started.

The Portal Trail features the scariest cliff walls. They will force you to get off your bike at some point because the cliffs put you practically at the edge. The cliff leads to loose rocks, crazy turns, and tight squeezes.

Shark Valley Trail

Location: Everglades National Park, Miami
Distance: 15 miles
Trail: Road
Level: Beginner

Shark Valley located at the heart of Everglades makes the to-go-to mountain biking trail for beginners. The national park offers a unique scenery that you can either walk or bike. It meanders through sawgrass prairies, Florida bay, mangrove swamps and dry tropical hardwood that provide a home for extraordinary wildlife. You can always stop by the observation tower near the tram road to view the spectacular grasslands. It will take you 2-3 hours to cover the entire route.

Other than biking, you can enjoy many different activities while on this trail; hiking, canoeing, tram and boat tours. The turtles, alligators, and herons also make your visit worth it.

Top of the World

Location: Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia
Distance: 3.23 miles
Trail: Single-track and double-track
Level: Advanced to Expert

Top of the World was opened in 2012 and offers an all-around view from Whistler Mountain. It features both single-track and double track trails and ends in a fully single-track drop. You start with a lift to the top of the mountain to 7160 feet where the trail begins all the way to the bottom. The section that descends from the trailhead makes the expert part. All through the riding, you will enjoy incredible sceneries of coastal mountains, Black Tusk, and sparkling lakes.

It is limited to only about 100 riders a day so you might have to book well in advance to get a chance on this thrilling trail. All in all, this young trail makes a favorite for both inexperienced and experienced riders who prefer not to pedal uphill.

Mountainside Loop

Location: Kingdom Trails, Vermont
Distance: 15.5 miles
Trail: Single-track and double track
Level: Intermediate and Advanced

Mountain bikers are not new to the massive Kingdom Trails in Vermont. The Mountainside Loop introduces riders to the Kingdom track with J-Bar and Moose Alley trails. It begins at Burke Mountain Campground on an ascending double track into a narrow single-track ending with a steep climb back to the start point. The tricky single-track is full of jumps, a few bridges, and roots for you to navigate.

The technical trail makes an excellent choice for experienced bikers. You will need experience in handling true dirt trails full of bumps, obstacles and other bikers to compete with.

Downieville Downhill

Location: Downieville, California
Distance: 17 miles
Trail: Single-track, technical
Level: Advanced

Be ready for 17 miles of pure descend if you consider trying out this Downhill trail in California. We recommend it for experienced riders only. They either take a shuttle to the top of the trail or are dropped off.

You get to enjoy 85 percent single-track trail and added steep technical ride through suspension bridges, rocks, and creeks. You will have to do a few uphill pedaling along the track. Some nice single-track back to town ends your biking. It takes about 1-2 hours to get to the bottom of the hill. If you are up to an extended ride, the trail offers alternate routes and trails that you will love if you are an advanced rider. A good enduro mountain bike with 6 inches of travel will be fun on the track.

Finding an exciting mountain biking trail is not hard anymore. Whether looking for an easy road trail, challenging tight switchbacks or steep single-track, America has it all. All you need to do is get one that works best for your level, and you can always start with the trails on our list.